re2c was originally written by Peter Bumbulis (peter@csg.uwaterloo.ca) and described in research article “RE2C: a more versatile scanner generator” by Peter Bumbulis, Donald D. Cowan, 1994, ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems (LOPLAS). Since then re2c has been maintained and developed by multiple volunteers, most notably, Brian Young (bayoung@acm.org), Markus Boerger (helly@users.sourceforge.net), Dan Nuffer (nuffer@users.sourceforge.net) and Ulya Trofimovich (skvadrik@gmail.com). Recent development of re2c is described in research article “Tagged Deterministic Finite Automata with Lookahead” by Ulya Trofimovich, 2017. Below is the list of re2c contributors: many are mentioned by their nicknames and some may be missing. Let me know if you feel that this list should be amended:

Abs62, asmwarrior, Ben Smith, Brian Young, CRCinAU, Dan Nuffer, Derick Rethans, Dimitri John Ledkov, Durimar, Eldar Zakirov, Emmanuel Mogenet, Hartmut Kaiser, jcfp, Jean-Claude Wippler, Jeff Trull, Jérôme Dumesnil, Jesse Buesking, joscherl, Julian Andres Klode, Marcus Boerger, Mike Gilbert, nuno-lopes, Oleksii Taran, paulmcq, Paulo Custodio, Perry E. Metzger, philippschaefer, Ross Burton, Rui Maciel, Ryan Mast, Samuel006, Sergei Trofimovich, sirzooro, Tim Kelly, Ulya Trofimovich


re2c is in the public domain. The data structures and algorithms used in re2c are all either taken from documents available to the general public or are inventions of the author. Programs generated by re2c may be distributed freely. re2c itself may be distributed freely, in source or binary, unchanged or modified. Distributors may charge whatever fees they can obtain for re2c. If you do make use of re2c, or incorporate it into a larger project an acknowledgement somewhere (documentation, research report, etc.) would be appreciated. re2c is distributed with no warranty whatsoever. The code is certain to contain errors. Neither the author nor any contributor takes responsibility for any consequences of its use.


This page describes re2c version 1.1.1.